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August 15, 2013

USFSS Holds Biennial Congress

By Sally O’Sullivan Bair

Harrisburg, PA – June 29, 2013, saw a skeleton crew assembled for the biennial congress of the USFSS (US Federation of Sleddog Sports). Held in conjunction with ISDRA’s (International Sled Dog Racing Association) annual conference, three main items were on the agenda: revision/simplification of the bylaws, the election of the open positions for board directors, and discussion on the feasibility of staging a US championship.

The bylaws were revised to simplify the membership and voting representation. Previously, each category of membership was allotted an aggregate vote number. Now, all that is required for voting is that 20% of those voting be Active Athlete members (those who have entered competition within the last ten years). This 20% representation is a requirement of the USOC (US Olympic Committee). A credentials report will verify the correct percentage.

The bylaw revision also made provisions for voting between congresses and absentee voting. Geographic distances in the US frequently preclude members from attending a congress in person. Therefore, it was deemed prudent to allow for absentee voting, thus making for better representation on important issues and votes.

Although the USFSS Board is tasked with handling all the business between congresses, there may arise occasions where the input of all members on important votes would be desired or required. Therefore, the Congress passed a bylaw to provide for this.

In addition to the bylaw revisions and election of board members, the congress also discussed staging a National Championship (NCh) in 2016. Various ideas were raised, primarily associated with a venue and sponsorships.

Election results are as follows:*

The Active Athletes Council re-elected Amy Cooper of Holmen, Wisconsin, to the board for another four-year term. An eighteen-year veteran of the sport, Cooper has become a name on the limited sprint circuit in Nome (sled) style and Nordic skijoring. She is a bronze medalist in the 2013 IFSS World Championships in Alaska in the 4-dog sprint class and has been active in promoting the dryland aspects of our sport. With a B.A.S. degree in veterinary technology, she works as a research technician at the University of Wisconsin in La Crosse. She is anxious to use her skills in the promotion and development of the sport.

Janet Saxon (Golden, Colorado) was elected to fulfill the position of treasurer for a four-year term. Saxon has been acting treasurer since last summer, having been a board member for the past few years. She has seen action as a member of Team USA at the Norway 2011 IFSS World Championships and has been an active participant in bicycling sports, where she served as a treasurer.

Kale Casey and Sally O’Sullivan Bair were elected to the board as at-large members for four-year terms. Casey (Paonia, Colorado) brings a bowlful of enthusiasm and ideas, having been a member of Team USA in the 2013 Alaska IFSS World championships. He was introduced to the sport by a neighbor and experienced a comical rookie skijor year in 2010. Since then he has fine-tuned his team and his Nordic skills and at the 2013 WCh in Alaska entered all five skidog classes, the first American to do so. His ten-year goal includes inspiring or recruiting determined athletes from the ranks of America’s vastly talented high school and collegiate Nordic skiers. A 1994 graduate of Stanford, Casey’s career as a wildfire incident medical specialist keeps him busy and in harm’s way. He provides medical support to firefighters working on the front lines as well as runs medical units for all sizes of fire camps. This summer he has seen busy action in Alaska.

Sally O’Sullivan Bair (Monticello, Minnesota) previously served on the board and, as an IFSS (International Federation of Sleddog Sports) certified doping control officer, is currently the chair of the USFSS anti-doping committee. She comes with a wealth of experience not only from a 30-year teaching career at the high school level in the social sciences, literature and learning disabilities but also from her tenure as IFSS’s secretary general from 1999-2012. She is a retired limited class sprint racer, where she competed for 20+ years and garnered trophies at the local level. A graduate of Colorado Woman’s College of Denver University, she did her graduate work at Bemidji State University in Minnesota in special education. She is currently the editor of the Tugline, the publication of the North Star Sled Dog Club.

USFSS welcomes the new board members and anticipates with excitement a productive upcoming year.

* USFSS has staggered terms for its board members.



June 17, 2013

The United States Federation of Sleddog Sports takes great pleasure in announcing and extending to US racers an invitation to apply for the 2013 Dryland World Championships to be held in Falze di Piave, Italy November 7-10.

This is an awesome opportunity to see the beautiful countryside of Italy while you represent the United States at this prestigious event.  We do expect there to be travel assistance available to US competitors, the amount has not been established. 

There’s an attached program, class breakdown and USFSS application.   We encourage you to apply even if you’re uncertain you’ll be able to make the trip.  The deadline for applications is August 15, 2013.  There will be a 1st round selection of 3 US team members per class by September 1, 2013.

There are always issues to contend with when traveling abroad with dogs.  USFSS will provide all the necessary technical assistance you’ll need to understand your and your dogs travel requirements.  We will also find suitable housing for the US team while in Italy.  We will work hard to make your experience as a member of the US team as hassle free as possible, but there will be logistical challenges, so be prepared to deal with the unusual if you decide to apply.

You need to be a current member of USFSS.  Our annual dues cycle runs October 1, thru September 30.  If you are not a current member, your dues will need to be submitted with your application.

World dryland racing is extremely competitive.  The Federations within IFSS, all have excellent teams.  It will be a challenge for our country to get on the podium, but if our best US dryland teams apply, we will be competitive.  Thanks for considering this challenge.






June 28-30,, 2013 in Harrisburg, PA, USFSS will be having their spring meeting/congress in conjunction with ISDRA’s annual meeting. More details to follow!



USFSS’s Final Team Roster for the 2013 IFSS World Championships




1 Dog Skijor – Women                                        

1.      Stephanie Dwyer                            

2.      Rebecca Voris

3.      Rebecca Knight                                

4.      Theresa Heckart

5.      Kriya Dunlap

6.      Jamie Johnson

7.      Sara Elzy

8.      Kelley McGrath


1 Dog Skijor – Men

1.      Mike Christman                               

2.      Chuck Pratt

3.      Kale Casey

4.      Greg Jurek

5.      Scott Aimone

6.      Jason Sperry


1 Dog Pulka – Women

1.       Kiersten Lippman    


1 Dog Pulka –  Men

1.      Scott Aimone                                     

2.      Jason Sperry

3.      Kale Casey 


 2 Dog Skijor – Women

1.      Stephanie Dwyer                                 

2.      Christina Turman

3.      Rebecca Knight

4.      Rebecca Voris

5.      Kriya Dunlap

6.      Jamie Johnson

7.      Emillie Entrikin

8.      Kelley McGrath


2 Dog Skijor- Men

1.      Kale Casey

2.      Greg Jurek

3.      Chuck Pratt

4.      Andrew Warwick

5.      Mike Christman

Nordic Combined – Women

1.      Rebecca Voris                                         

2.      Sunnifa Deehr

3.      Kristen Lippmann

Nordic Combined - Men

1.      Scott Aimone                                           

2.      Jason Sperry

3.      Kale Casey



4 Dog Junior

1.      Dakota Schlosser                                   

2.      Lilly Stewart


4 Dog – RNB  No event


4 Dog Sled - Pursuit

1.      Jay Olmstead Jr

2.      Kourosh Partow                                   

3.      Lilly Stewart 

4.      Jennifer Sterling

5.      Jennifer Probert                                

6.      Amy Maclean

7.      Kathy Faryniarz

8.      Amy Cooper

9.      Jessica Doherty

10.   Grace Baily

11.   Debra Castro 


4 Dog Sled - Mass Start

1.      Jay Olmstead Jr

2.      Lilly Stewert

3.      Jessica Doherty

4.      Grace Bailey

5.      Amy Mclean

6.      Amy Cooper

7.      Kathy Faryniarz

8.      Jennifer Probert

9.      Jennifer Sterling


6 Dog Sled

1.      Ami Gjestson                                        

2.      John Perry

3.      Jessica Doherty

4.      Kimberly Wells

5.      Beverly Stevens

6.      Grace Bailey

7.      Koroush Partow


8 Dog Sled

1.      Jennifer Probert Erhart                         

2.      Evelyn Beeter                                         

3.      Ed Arobio

4.      Kris Rasey

5.      Jason Dunlap

6.      Jennifer Sterling


Unlimited Sled

1.      Arleigh Reynolds                                    

2.      Nathan Sterling                                      

3.      Greg Sellentin

4.      Ken Chezik

5.      Jason Dunlap

6.      Rob Worden

7.      Randy DeKuiper


Mid-distance Sled  8-12 dog - No event

Mid-distance Sled  6-dog - No event




Race Update:

Just announced the Indian River Sprint Race in Indian River, Michigan has been added to the Wild Card race circuit. The race is scheduled for January 26 and 27. For more information go to We’d like to thank the IRSR committee for providing this awesome opportunity for WCh applicants to qualify out of the Midwest region.


Meet the 2013 US Team
January 11, 2013
Click here




January 5, 2013

The postponement of the Langlade Co. Culver’s TB Challenge to February 23-24 due to lack of snow, has provided an opportunity for the Willow Springs Round Barn Sled Dog Rally in Wausau, WI to become the new Wisconsin wild card race event.

The race is scheduled for January 26-27, but if you plan to race for a spot on the US team, you will need to apply by January 7.  Make application through MU&SA at or contact Mike Marsch at




December 31, 2012

I want to remind you there is only 1 week left for application into the Wild Card qualifying round for the IFSS WCh’s. The deadline for entry is January 7, 2013.

Your MUSA membership and IFSS race application must be received by January 7, 2013.  You must pay your $25.00 MUSA membership dues, but the IFSS event entry fee is not due at this time, but we do need to know what event you hope to qualify for.

The race circuit is throughout January and February 2&3.  However, you must become a MUSA member and submit an application for the event you hope to qualify for by January 7, 2013.

MUSA will let the race organization who is hosting the Wild Card races know who is competing prior to the event.  Also, if you have previously submitted an application but were not selected, you are automatically entered into the Wild Card races.  All you need to do is go race.

Thanks, hope to see you at an event near you.

All the best,

Mike Marsch



USFSS Mission
The mission of USFSS is to promote, support, coordinate, and develop mushing activities in the United States, to promote and encourage the welfare of sled dog and human athletes and to foster appreciation for the traditions and history of the sport. As the national governing body of sled dog sports in the United States, USFSS is further committed to the ideals and guidelines of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC).


USFSS is a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt organization.