Recent USFSS Happenings


August 24, 2015

USFSS 2nd Round Selections for IFSS Dryland WCh - Bristol 2015


Womenís Canicross

Kiersten Lippmann


Junior Menís Canicross

Forest Collins                           


Menís Bikejoring - Vet

Jim Collins   


Womenís Bikejoring

Jessica Olsen

Lillian Stewart

Jessica Pulliman


Womenís Bikejoring-Vet

Janet Saxon                             


Junior Menís Bikejoring

Forests Collins                         


1-Dog Scooter

Mandy Collins

Lily Stewart

Jessica Pulliman

Janet Saxon

Laurie Brandt

Angie Carter

Jeffrey McRobbie

Jessica Johnson


2-Dog Scooter

Rich Kisseloff

Angie Carter

Fran Plaisted

Janet Saxon

Laurie Brandt

Christopher Burrow

Jeffrey McRobbie

Jessica Johnson


4-Dog Rig

Fran Plaisted

Chris Speers

Marla B B                                 


6-Dog Rig

Christopher Carter

Dave Turner

Doug Butler                                       


8-Dog Rig

Dave Turner

Doug Butler

Edgar Morey

Marla BB




August 7, 2015

USFSS First Round Selections for Bristol 2015 World Championships

The first round of selections are done! We are pleased to announce the athletes who will be competing for the US!  Stay tuned for more info about payments, required forms, uniforms, accommodations, etc.

A second round of selections may be announced in the event we are awarded more slots by CAHDS/IFSS.

*= Preselected


Menís Canicross

 Nathan Cohn

 Chris Speers


Menís Canicross-Vet

Bill Boyd

Steven Murphy


Womenís Canicross

*Lillian Stewart                                       

Rachael Bryar Colbath                          

Brittany Colbath                      

Hillary Schwafel                         


Womenís Canicross-Vet

*Danae Bryar

Kimberly Murphy

Heather Brannen

Diane Locotos


Junior Menís Canicross

*Asa Szegvari                           


Junior Womenís Canicross

*Nova Clifford                                        


Menís Bikejoring

Mike Christman                      

Chris Carter

Rich Kisseloff


Menís Bikejoring - Vet

*Steven Murphy                     

William Boyd                                           

Scott Farmer                           

Peter Franke                             


Womenís Bikejoring

Angie Carter

Laurie Brandt

Hilary Schwafel         


Womenís Bikejoring-Vet

*Kelley Mcgrath

Amy Cooper                             

Kimberly Murphy                     

Rebecca Knight         


Junior Menís Bikejoring

Asa Szegvari                             


Junior 1-Dog Scooter

Nova Clifford                                          


1-Dog Scooter

Brittany Colbath

Fran Plaisted

Kelley McGrath


2-Dog Scooter

*Kelley Mcgrath                                     

*Jocelyn Bradbury                  

Rachael Colbath

Mandy Collins

Scott Farmer


2-Dog Scooter Nordic

Peter Frank


4-Dog Rig

*Jocelyn Bradbury

*Jessica Doherty      

Scott Farmer                                           

Jay Olmstead

Angie Carter                             


4-Dog Rig Nordic Breed

Andre Van Der Merwe

Peter Frank

Steven Davis              


4-Dog Rig Jr

Joey Carey

Tanner Johnson


6-Dog Rig

*Jocelyn Bradbury

*Peter Frank

Michael Marsch                                        

Jessica Doherty

Angie Carter


8-Dog Rig

Jocelyn Bradbury                     

Chris Carter

Steve Wilcenski



July 31, 2015

The time of year for planning our races is once again upon us. USFSS is in the process of planning our World Cup Race Program for the 2015/2016 race season.

We would like to invite your race(s) to apply for IFSS Accreditation. We desire the accredited races to be spread out across the United Sates to allow for all members to have the opportunity to attend an accredited race for IFSS points.

How does it work?

We are taking applications from various quality races across the United States to form a pool of races to choose from for IFSS Accreditation. Once we have the applications, according to IFSS rules, we will then select up to ten Dryland and ten Snow races to accredit.  We need to have the selected races sent in to IFSS for the United States by September 1, 2015 for Dryland and November 1, 2015 for Snow for this coming season. 

It is very exciting to have Canada hosting the 2017 World Championships! This coming season (2015/2016) is a qualifying year for those that desire to try and earn a spot on the 2017 World Championship Team.  USFSS members that have DID numbers (Driver Identification Numbers) earn IFSS points at accredited races (World Cup) to qualify for team selection for the upcoming 2017 World Championship.   Since Canada is within driving distance to many from the United States, there are USFSS members looking to earn IFSS points for the selection process. 

More information can be found under the ďWorld Cup AccreditationĒ tab at the left.



July 26, 2015

Congratulations to the newly elected board members and the incumbents, we look forward to working with you and thank you for your service.  We're all very excited about the future of the sport.  The current board is as follows:

USFSS Board of Directors - 2015

 Mike Marsch, President (2015-2019)

Tone Coughlin, Vice President (2015-2019)

Sally Bair, Secretary (2015-2019)

Janet Saxon, Treasurer (2015-2019)

Amy Cooper, Active Athlete Director (2013-2017)

Jocelyn Bradbury, Active Athlete Director (2015-2019)

Rebecca Knight, Active Athlete Director (2015-2019)

Tim Carey, Active Athlete Director (2015-2019)

Kale Casey, At-Large Director (2013-2017)

Scott Farmer, At Large Director (2013-2017)

Jessica Pulliam, At-Large Director (2015-2019) 

Carol Kaynor, At-Large Director (2015-2019)

DeDe Wilcenski, At-Large Director (2015-2019)

Ernie Hediger, At-Large Director (2015-2017)



July 25, 2015

USFSS Congress

All are invited to ďattendĒ the 5th USFSS Congress this Saturday starting at 10:00am CST via telephone conference call.  Non-members are invited and encouraged to participate but only current USFSS members may vote.

Call-in Information:

We will be conducting our meeting via There will be both audio, utilizing your phone and video, utilizing your computer screen. You do not have to participate through the video link. Itís an option we thought weíd try to promote a more personable experience.

The dial in information is 712-775-7031. Follow the instructions and provide the access code when instructed which is: 796600#. To join the conference via video, you will need to go the  homepage. Click on online meeting, then click on join meeting. Enter dogdaze as the online meeting ID.  At this point there should be a few other smiley faces staring back at you.

Meeting / Conference Call Courtesy

For those members attending the meeting by telephone conference or video, please observe the following courtesies:

∑ Announce your name before you speak. PLEASE!

∑ If you must leave the Congress, announce this so that the secretary can record this in the minutes. It is part of the necessary credentials report. All members present and participating must be listed & named. 

∑ Please speak clearly. The president, Mike Marsch, is in charge of recognizing speakers.

∑ Please limit your comments to the most salient points. Do not ramble.


2015 USFSS Congress Agenda

All times are Central Time

1. Call the meeting to order at 10:00 AM central time, Saturday July 25, 2015:  President Mike Marsch

2. Approval of the Agenda

3. Credentials Report:  Secretary Rebecca Knight: verification of the board and members in attendance.

4. Approval of minutes 2013 Congress

5. Report of Treasurer: Janet Saxon

6. Reports of Officers

Executive Committee

 7. Report of Nominating Committee, Sally Bair

 8. Report and Approval of the Actions of the Board

 Minutes from March 24th Board meeting

 9. Ratifying of Resolutions and Motions

 10. Ratifying any Proposed Changes to the By-Laws

 11. Elections

 Election of officers: 11:00 AM (time certain)         

 Meeting of Active Athletes Council and election of Active Athletes & chair, July 25th:  11:30 AM (time certain)

 Election of At-Large Directors and Officers, July 25th:  Noon (time certain)

 12. Other New Business

 Report on Judges Certification ĖSally Bair & Diane Locotos (oral report)

 ISDRA/USFSS Merger Ė Kale Casey (oral report)

 Website: Amy Cooper (oral report)

13. Adjournment





June 3, 2015

USFSS Final Rankings - Dryland, 2014/2015

Menís Canicross

1.      Ed Clifford                                       300.0000

2.      William Boyd                                    284.4515

3.      Nathan Cohn                                    181.7065


Womenís Canicross

1.      Lillian Stewart                                  394.1628

2.      Danae Bryar                                    291.2116

3.      Rachael Bryar Colbath                      266.0494

4.      Brittany Colbath                               163.8557

5.      Kimberly Murphy                              94.0867

6.      Jocelyn Bradbury                              70.5242

7.      Kelley Mcgrath                                  68.2378


Junior Menís Canicross

1.      Asa Szegvari                                    283.3158


Junior Womenís Canicross

1.      Nova Clifford                                   100.0000


Menís Bikejoring

1.      Steven Murphy                                 258.2580

2.      Ed Clifford                                       255.1671

3.      William Boyd                                    238.2304

4.      Scott Farmer                                    191.2447

5.      Mike Christman                                100.0000

6.      Peter Franke                                    82.0445

7.      Joseph Carey                                   49.4935


Womenís Bikejoring

1.      Kelley McGrath                                 385.4295

2.      Angie Carter                                     170.9125

3.      Amy Cooper                                     94.0368

4.      Kimberly Murphy                               89.0443

5.      Lillian Stewart                                   84.8631

6.      Hilary Schwafel                                 77.1087

7.      Rebecca Knight                                 73.7801


Junior Menís Bikejoring

1.      Asa Szegvari                                    265.1624


1-Dog Scooter

1.      Brittany Colbath                                85.5216

2.      Fran Plaisted                                     83.8624

3.      Ed Clifford                                        80.8765


Junior 1-Dog Scooter

1.      Nova Clifford                                    362.6639


2-Dog Scooter

1.      Kelley McGrath                                295.1305

2.      Jocelyn Bradbury                             295.0650

3.      Amy Cooper                                    199.1238

4.      Rachael Colbath                               183.2649

5.      Lily Stewart                                      181.1395

6.      Scott Farmer                                    171.7222

7.      Angie Carter                                     99.6287

8.      Fran Plaisted                                     79.1544

9.      William Boyd                                     78.2197

10.   Michele Boyd                                     63.3737


4-Dog Rig

1.      Jocelyn Bradbury                             195.2458

2.      Michael Marsch                                 188.7537

3.      Scott Farmer                                    187.3615

4.      Michele Boyd                                    164.0907

5.      David Turner                                    145.4189

6.      Jay Olmstead                                   100.0000

7.      Fran Plaisted                                    98.6395

8.      Joseph Carey                                   92.6331

9.      Marla B B                                         86.5647

10.   Angie Carter                                     80.0631

11.   Tone Coughlin                                   79.3869

12.   Peter Franke                                     76.1655


4-Dog Rig Nordic Breed

1.      Andre Van Der Merwe                       100.0000


6-Dog Rig

1.      Ed Clifford                                        276.1678

2.      Jocelyn Bradbury                              180.3604

3.      Michael Marsch                                  95.4403

4.      Jay Olmstead                                    86.2084

5.      Marla B B                                          85.8340

6.      Fran Plaisted                                     84.8627

7.      Dave Turner                                     79.8213


6-Dog Rig Nordic Breed

1.      Peter Franke                                    100.0000

2.      Andre Van Der Merwe                       80.7197


8-Dog Rig

1.      Jocelyn Bradbury                             97.1740

2.      Chris Carter                                    93.0059

3.      Ed Clifford                                       90.7030

4.      Dave Turner                                    88.9552



June 3, 2015

The ISDVMA has recently negotiated a contract with to market the 2015, 3rd Edition of the popular and long-awaited Musher and Veterinary Handbook.  The last edition was printed in 2000, so the new edition has a lot of new material to offer.  The long wait is over.



May 11, 2015

Race Judge or Anti Doping Control Officer

Attention anyone that may be interested in being a Race Judge or Anti Doping Control Officer. There is the chance that training may be offered at Bristol prior to the World Championships. If you have any interest or would like more information, please contact Anne McIntyre


May 8, 2015

Team USA : Invitation to Apply

Dear Athletes:

Thank you for your interest in representing the United States at the 2015 Dryland World Championship in Bristol, Quebec, Canada. It will be an incredible event!

We have a lot of interest being shown from many US athletes who have a desire to be on the team. 

Please allow clarification of the procedure for your potential selection to the USFSS World Championship Team.   Selection is fair, and only the best representatives/athletes who have fulfilled the selection criteria shall be considered in order to put forth our best National team. 

To be ELIGIBLE for the Team USA selection process, the following requirements must be met:

1.  Be a current member of The United States Federation of Sleddog Sports

ē USFSS is the governing body of the sport in the USA

ē Non-members are NOT eligible to compete for a slot on the US team.

2.  Apply for a DID number through USFSS and submit the appropriate fees to USFSS.  You must be a current USFSS member to apply.  You may pay both fees online. 

3.   Fill out the online application ( and submit appropriate fees (if necessary).

Note:  The above conditions are in no way a guarantee that you will be accepted to Team USA.  These are minimum requirements to earn a position on the team.  

USFSS shall review all applications with equal regard for race results, potential for success at World Championships, and an individualís ability to represent the USA in a proper and professional manner while representing the USA.  Anyone with a prior doping violation or current investigation shall not be considered eligible. 

In the case of a 'tie' between candidates, the race results history may be expanded and the contributions of the musher to USFSS may be considered.  All decisions rendered by the USFSS are final.

In addition, USFSS may offer a "wild card" to one or more teams if an extra Team slot is available.  Details will be posted on the USFSS website. 

It is the goal of the USFSS to provide the best US National Race Team representation possible.  Your support is appreciated either by membership, or other active involvement. 



The USFSS Selection Committee



March 30, 2015

2014/2015 USFSS Dryland World Cup Standings as of 3/27/15 (for USFSS members with DIDís)

Below are the updated U.S. dryland standings.  The 6-dog class at the Dirty Dog Dryland Derby didn't meet the minimum distance requirements therefore it wasn't accredited but the points were inadvertently added in.  Consequently there are some minor changes in the 6-dog standings once these points were removed.

Menís Canicross

        1.  Ed Clifford                                            300.000

        2.  William Boyd                                        284.4515

        3.  Nathan Cohn                                       181.7065


Womenís Canicross

        1.      Lily Stewert                                         294.1628            

       2.      Danae Bryar                                         216.6828            

       3.      Rachel Colbath                                      184.088

       4.      Brittany Colbath                                     163.8557            

       5.      Kimberly Murphy                                    94.0867

       6.      Jocelyn Bradbury                                  70.5242


Menís Jr. Canicross

        1.      Asa Szegvari                                         283.31                 


Menís Bikejor

        1.      Steven Murphy                                       258.258

        2.      Ed Clifford                                              255.1671

        3.      William Boyd                                           238.2304

        4.      Scott Farmer                                           191.2447

        5.      Mike Christman                                       100.000

        6.      Peter Frank                                             82.0445


Womenís Bikejor

        1.      Kelley McGrath                                          293.2573

        2.      Angie Carter                                              170.9125

        3.      Kimberly Murphy                                         89.0443


Menís Jr. Bikejor

        1.      Asa Szegvari                                               265.1624


1-Dog Scooter

        1.      Brittany Colbath                                           85.5216

        2.      Fran Plaisted                                                83.8624


Jr. 1-Dog Scooter

        1.      Nova Clifford                                                268.8289


2-Dog Scooter

        1.      Kelley McGrath                                              295.1305

        2.      Jocelyn Bradbury                                           295.065

        3.      Amy Cooper                                                  199.1238

        4.      Rachel Colbath                                               183.2649

        5.      Lily Stewert                                                    181.1395

        6.      Scott Farmer                                                  171.7222

        7.      Angie Carter                                                  99.6287

        8.      Fran Plaisted                                                  79.1544

        9.      William Boyd                                                  78.2197

       10.   Michele Boyd                                                    63.3737


4-Dog Rig

        1.      Jocelyn Bradbury                                            195.2458

        2.      Michael Marsch                                                188.7537

        3.      Scott Farmer                                                   187.3615

        4.      Michele Boyd                                                  164.0907

        5.      Dave Turner                                                   145.4189

        6.      Fran Plaisted                                                   98.6395

        7.      Angie Carter                                                   80.0631

        8.      Tone Coughlin                                                 79.3869

        9.      Peter Franke                                                   76.1655


4-Dog Rig Nordic Breed

        1.      Andre Van Der Merwe                                      100.000


6-Dog Rig

        1.      Jocelyn Bradbury                                            180.3604

        2.      Ed Clifford                                                      176.1678

        3.      Michael Marsch                                                95.4403

        4.      Jay Olmstead                                                  86.2084

        5.      Fran Plaisted                                                   84.8627

        6.      Dave Turner                                                   79.8213


6-Dog Rig Nordic Breed

        1.      Peter Franke                                                   100.00

        2.      Andre Van Der Merwe                                      80.7197


8-Dog Rig

        1.      Jocelyn Bradbury                                            97.174

        2.      Chris Carter                                                   93.0059

        3.      Ed Clifford                                                      90.703

        4.      Dave Turner                                                   88.9552



March 9, 2015

Below are the current U.S. World Cup Dryland standings for USFSS members with DID's. 
Detailed International standings can be found at:


2014/2015 USFSS Dryland World Cup Standings as of 3/9/15 (for USFSS members with DIDís)


Menís  Canicross

      1.  Ed Clifford: 300.000

      2.  William Boyd: 284.4515

      3.  Nathan Cohn: 181.7065


Womenís Canicross

        1.      Lily Stewert: 294.1628            

        2.      Danae Bryar: 216.6828             

        3.      Rachel Colbath: 184.088              

        4.      Brittany Colbath: 163.8557            

        5.       Kimberly Murphy: 94.0867              

        6.      Jocelyn Bradbury: 70.5242              


Menís Jr. Canicross

        1.      Asa Szegvari: 283.31                 


Menís Bikejor

        1.      Steven Murphy: 258.258

        2.      Ed Clifford: 255.1671

        3.      William Boyd: 238.2304

        4.      Scott Farmer: 191.2447

        5.      Mike Christman: 100.000

        6.      Peter Frank: 82.0445


Womenís Bikejor

        1.      Kelley McGrath: 293.2573

        2.      Angie Carter: 170.9125

        3.      Kimberly Murphy: 89.0443


Menís Jr. Bikejor

        1.      Asa Szegvari: 265.1624


1-Dog Scooter

        1.      Brittany Colbath: 85.5216

        2.      Fran Plaisted: 83.8624


Jr. 1-Dog Scooter

        1.      Nova Clifford: 268.8289


2-Dog Scooter

        1.      Kelley McGrath: 295.1305

        2.      Jocelyn Bradbury: 295.065

        3.      Amy Cooper: 199.1238

        4.      Rachel Colbath: 183.2649

        5.      Lily Stewert: 181.1395

        6.      Scott Farmer: 171.7222

        7.      Angie Carter: 99.6287

        8.      Fran Plaisted: 79.1544

        9.      William Boyd: 78.2197

       10.   Michele Boyd:  63.3737


4-Dog Rig

        1.      Jocelyn Bradbury: 195.2458

        2.      Michael Marsch: 188.7537

        3.      Scott Farmer: 187.3615

        4.      Michele Boyd: 164.0907

        5.      Dave Turner: 145.4189

        6.      Fran Plaisted: 98.6395

        7.      Angie Carter: 80.0631

        8.      Tone Coughlin: 79.3869

        9.      Peter Franke: 76.1655


4-Dog Rig Nordic Breed

        1.      Andre Van Der Merwe: 100.000


6-Dog Rig

        1.      Michael Marsch: 195.4403

        2.      Jocelyn Bradbury: 180.3604

        3.      Ed Clifford: 176.1678

        4.      Dave Turner: 161.486

        5.      Jay Olmstead: 86.2084

        6.      Fran Plaisted: 84.8627

        7.      Tone Coughlin: 84.5549


6-Dog Rig Nordic Breed

        1.      Peter Franke: 100.00

        2.      Andre Van Der Merwe: 80.7197


8-Dog Rig

        1.      Jocelyn Bradbury: 97.174

        2.      Chris Carter: 93.0059

        3.      Ed Clifford: 90.703

        4.      Dave Turner: 88.9552



February 23, 2015

Good afternoon all -

Today is Monday Feb 23rd and as the snow is now mixed with rain and everyone is enjoying what they can of a 'day off', it's time for an update.

As you have seen from our posts on Facebook, the crowds have been fantastic and the racing has been exciting. Jessica has really shown how much good a trip to Norway can be for someone who is working with a pulk. Her transition from pulk to skijor was as good as anyone from Norway and far better than most of the competitors from Europe and elsewhere. Jessica raced in the 1 dog Friday, the 1 dog combine on Saturday and did the 8k skijor leg for a mixed team including Susannah Kelley and Vicki from the UK. Tomorrow she takes on day 1 of the two dog skijor.

Rich Kisselof proves to be the fastest American skijor racer at the games with 4 minutes on Dallas and myself on the 16k course on Friday. He finished in 17th place. Dallas and Comet finished 9 seconds ahead of myself and Rich's great dog Ovi. Rich and I rounded out the top 20 with a 19th and 20th place. We all can take a bit of pride in beating all of the 5 German skijor racers. The course was fairly warm on Friday and several dogs had issues with the heat and long steady uphill climbs. Vesa-Pekka from Finland defended his first place finish in Alaska with another win of just 3.8 seconds over a young and upcoming 20 year old Norweigan racer named Mikal.

Amy Cooper entered the relay without two of her pups and we are all grateful that Jessica loaned Amy her dog Argo so that Team USA could carry on with getting much needed experience in mass starts and relays. The relay was 8k skijor, 8k skijor and 8k 4 dog. Dallas led off for Team USA and Rich followed. We were among 8 other teams to get a warning for nor following the IFSS rules of holding your dog's harness for 75 meters and single poling at the start. Other teams included essentially everyone but Norway. So Steiner (race marshall) decided to give verbal warnings with firm instructions to teach our people (and people everywhere) what the standard mass start racing technique should be when starting with skijor or combined.

Norway took 1 & 2 in the relay, followed by 3 young racers in their early 20's from Switzerland and a very fast team from the Czech Republic.

Norway is dominating the medal count but there are very promising young racers from several european countries. Jordan and I are filming and interviewing many of the best and we are finding that though their dogs mainly are greysters from Lena's bloddlines, federations such as the Swiss are focusing on two week training camps around New Year's which bring all of their racers - young and old - together to work on techniques, share dogs and training techniques, and build skills through hands on experience and mentorship. It is paying off in a big way.

Amy's four dog team should be rested up and ready for the three day race beginning Friday-Sunday. Rich and Jessica compete in the two dog for two days starting tomorrow. Egil and Helen arrive Tuesday night and will be staying at our guest lodge in Todtmoos. Clint and Mandy Graham from Australia arrive tomorrow as well and will be staying with us to cheer on the team.

The venue in Todtmoos is closer than where it has been for the races in Bernau. We have seen 6,000 plus spectators, walking all around the course and cheering on competitors. In Todtmoos the numbers should be even greater.

Opening ceremonies were held last Thursday in an auditorium and the regional band (50 plus - flutes, trumpets, french horns, etc) played. The caterer had a small menu and drink/food was not free. Dinner was 8 or 9 euros. Many but not all attended and the cost of the food was a bit of a surprise. Free champagne was served at the door and the mood was festive with speeches from the Mayor of Bernau and a flag ceremony by the youngsters. There was no parade (to our disappointment) but Amy Cooper had us ready with small flags to wave etc.

Saturday after Day 2 of racing was an outdoor awards ceremony at 1900 followed by a great big dinner (same menu as Thursday night = ham/kraut, hearty soup and sausage, meat goulash with gravy plus bread) in the huge tent near the finish at the main venue. This time the food and drink were free and everyone ate until they were satisfied and the catering crew did "the wave" with their 35 employees. It was a beautiful night.

We will have another such night on Saturday the 27th in Todtmoos and I am excited to be there. We are gaining much needed experience and perhaps inspiration as well to bring a bit more professionalism to our local regions as mass starts (esp in skijoring) are becoming a bit more popular. Many discussions and brain storming sessions about how the US in general can 'get it together' have kept us up to the wee hours of the morning but what a fantastic time to do so. Everything is exciting and the level of racing reminds us that save for Amy & Egil, the rest of us are just honored to be in the same races as these elite racers and their lightning fast power dogs.

Hope all is well with you and pray for us that the temps drop and this awful new rain/snow lets up so our skijor racers can have a great clean run.

Best to all and many thanks for your support both in making this happen and giving your time to keep USFSS alive and well.





February 3, 2015


Effective immediately through the month of February, the membership dues from all new USFSS memberships, club or individual, will be used to offer financial assistance to Team USA for the costs associated with their participation at the World Championships in Germany.  What an awesome opportunity to help support your US athletes and receive the full benefit of USFSS membership as well. We thank you so much for taking advantage of this opportunity. Our athletes will do their best to make you proud of your decision to support their efforts.



November 18, 2014

To All Interested Concerns:

The USFSS board has made the following selections to represent the US at the 2015 World Championship on snow to be hosted by Germany in Bernau/Todtmoos, Germany.

It is with great honor we announce Amy Cooper Sled Sprint 4-dog and Sled Sprint 4-Dog Short Mass; Richard Kisseloff Skidog 1- Dog Skijoring and Skidog 2-Dog Skijoring; Jessica Haynes Skidog 1-Dog Skijoring, Skidog 2- Dog and Skidog Combined; Dallas Johnson Skidog 1-Dog Skijoring, Skidog 2-dog Skijoring and Skidog Combined; Kale Casey Skidog1-dog Skijoring.

We are very pleased to have such a high caliber of athletes willing to commit extensive resources for the benefit of representing our country. We are confident they will all be great ambassadors of our sport and country.

Amy Cooper and Kale Casey will be the US Team Captains.  Amy will also assist with travel and hotel accommodation arrangements. Mike Marsch will provide technical support before and during the events.

In closing congratulations to these fine athletes who have achieved a high standard of success on the trail to earn their place on the team.


The USFSS Board



October 22, 2014

The United States Federation of Sleddog Sports (USFSS) has developed criteria which will be used in the selection process of Team USA (see the link to the left).  The full implementation of these criteria will not happen immediately.  However, we have begun the process of developing a World Cup circuit in all regions of the US so all interested athletes will have the opportunity to earn a berth on the team.  The selection committee will still have some flexibility to include athletes from regions where full development of these criteria has not occurred.

The reason we are moving in this direction for the selection of Team USA is based on the request from athletes to have more specific criteria so they know and can plan to accomplish their place on the US team. An advantage of developing these criteria is to make for a more exciting race circuit for the benefit of sponsors and race giving organizations.

Participating in a World Championship will not interest everyone.  There are many ways for athletes to enjoy and participate in our great sport other than in a WCh.  Participation requires a major commitment in time and money and unfortunately USFSS has not generated the financial resources to help supplement the cost of participation.  We continue to explore a revenue stream, but it has been challenging thus far.

The idea of a World Championship is intended to create a competition between other countries from around the globe.  For those of us who have participated, thereís not a more exciting competition than a WCh.  You not only feel the joy of individual accomplishment, but the team atmosphere and patriotic success is absolutely incredible.

USFSS is encouraging the entire sleddog community to get involved and help Team USA reach its goals and objectives.  USFSS is striving to develop a competitive federation on the trail and a fair and equitable process for athletes who desire to pursue participation on the team.

In closing USFSS is a member driven organization.  We exist to represent you the athlete and the country we love.  If you feel we are going in the wrong direction or are not responding to your concerns, let us know or better yet, consider running for a board seat or volunteering to sit on a committee.



September 1, 2014

IFSS DID's - Driver Identification

Any athlete who wants to earn World Cup points or participate in the World or Continental Championships must have a DID (Driver Identification Number). The DID shall be requested from IFSS by the member federation (USFSS).  More information can be found here:

Forms and instructions can be found under the DID link on the left.



August 25, 2014


USFSS is proud to announce we are now accepting applications for the 2015 WCh Snow to be held in Germany February 21-March 1.  The skidog events, mid-distance and 4-dog mass start will be held in Bernau February 20-25.  The sprint events will be held in Todtmos February 27-March 1, 2015. 

The application deadline is November 1, 2014. Selections will be made no later than December 1, 2014.  You need to be a USFSS member to apply.  I have also attached a DID application you should fill out and return with your race application.  The DID fee is $40.  It is required to participate in an IFSS event.   We are not aware of what financial assistance will be available to help with travel expense at this time.  As usual it will only help offset the cost.   Unfortunately, you will be on your own to raise the majority of the money associated with your participation.  If you have the resources, this could be a once in a life time opportunity.  We will be considering character as much as performance in our selection process.  So if you have the means to attend, please donít hesitate to submit an application.   The great thing about Germany is the point of entry is much easier concerning humans and dogs.  We will not have as much red tape to jump through as was the case for Norway in 2011.

While Iím making Championship announcements, I would like to make you aware of the submission of a bid from the Cable Area Chamber of Commerce in Cable, Wisconsin to host the 2017 WCh snow.  How exciting will it be to once again have a WCh in the lower 48 of the USA?  We understand there will also be a bid from Canada, but the worst case scenario is the losing bidder will host the 2016 Continental Championships. The next 2 years will be an extremely exciting opportunity for our sport, lots of exposure.

It has been a slow process. We lack human and financial resources to be everything weíd like to be, but now is the time for the entire sleddog community of our country:   distance, sprint and skidog, to come together and begin the planning of these events.  Please consider this an invitation to get involved.  My contact information is in this email.

In closing, we have a US team for a 2015 WCh to field first.  If we want the World to come to North America in 2017, we should show up there in 2015.  USFSS canít wait to hear from you.  Please be certain to submit all fees.  If you are not selected the race fee will be returned.  All other fees are non-refundable.


Mike Marsch



August 21, 2014


The best athletes from countries around the world will come together to compete in the World Championships on snow at two locations in Germany. The first location will be Bernau on February 20-22 and 24-25, and the second Todtmoos on February 27-28 and March 1, 2015.
All details of classes, distances and entry fees are now finalized and are contained in the Invitation Package below.




July 15, 2014

Provocative Direction

My name is Mike Marsch.  I have been honored for the past three years to be the USFSS President.  Iíve been a board member for 6 years.  I have a simple philosophy; if itís broke fix it, if itís not broke break it, and then fix it.  During the 30 years Iíve been involved in our sport, the status quo has always limited our ability to think out of the box, to make adjustments, to move forward.   We get comfortable in the way we do things, but by my assessment, our sport is in trouble.  We have fewer racers, fewer spectators and fewer dollars.  Whatís a sport to do?

We need to maximize our limited resources.  The sleddog community must develop a strategic plan.  Back in the early 90ís I remember a planning seminar that was held down in Chicago, so the sleddog community from all over the country could come together and sort through our future.  It may be time for one of those seminars again.  Iím certain many excellent ideas and strategies for their implementation would come out of a gathering of the minds, but the real question is do we have a workforce to carry them out.  Most organizations in our country have declining membership, and itís the same volunteer group who take up challenge after challenge.  We need an infusion of new people willing to work towards making sleddog sports visible to the general populous and what better way is there to accomplish that, than through a World Championship.

 As I tune into the final soccer match today between Germany and Argentina, I reflect on the past month of matches which included the United States.  Is it the sport of soccer or is it support for our country that has helped propel the attention this World Cup has received within the US?   The answer is probably both, but the non-soccer fan is all in because of the desire to see the US do well against other countries.  Whether we love soccer or our country most of the time doesnít matter, we love it in the moment.

IFSS is the international organization that is responsible to bring the world together for the purpose of World Championships.  The USFSS is the organization within the US that is responsible to build our team.  US soccer has really advanced in our country, but unfortunately most sleddog sports have not.  Yes, the Iditarod is still popular and dryland events are growing, but the sport in general is stagnating.  

There have been many over the years that have stated, sleddog sports will never get into the Olympics.  It doesnít have to, we have a system with the intent of creating the euphoria of a World Championship already in place, but we have to promote it.

I know youíre probably tired of my soccer references, but itís a great analogy right now because of the FIFA WCp.  US soccer 20 years ago was pale in its ability to compete with other countries on a world stage.  We werenít very good, but the US soccer program developed a comprehensive strategy to improve the skill level and popularity of the game in our country.  Congratulations to them, it seems to have worked.  I donít have all the answers, but I have a good idea of what needs to get done.  The model for developing a sport is the easy part, getting people to do the work is the hard part.

In closing, Iíd like to see the individuals and organizations currently engaged in our sport come together for a weekend of comprehensive strategic planning.  Hire a Professional Facilitator who can guide us through the process of developing a comprehensive plan.  We have become too fractioned in our efforts.  We have many good people and organizations involved in the sport.  We have many good events and sleddog activities going on within our sport, but it lacks cohesion.  We have such limited resources available to us.  I just feel for those of us who care about our sports direction we need to come together and sort out our future.  A conference of this nature 23 years ago accomplished a great deal, I think it could again. We need lead dogs and team dogs!!  Yes, it would be an investment of perhaps a $1,000 for the weekend with airfare, hotel, food and the conference, but isnít our sport worth it?  Iím open to other ideas which could accomplish the intent of this conference, such as regional workshops, but the format we used last time worked well.  There were over 150 participants from all over NA who for 2 Ĺ days brainstormed what our sport should look like, and how we get it to look that way. 

I feel the time is now to revisit our past and plan for our future.  We can develop a comprehensive plan in many different ways, but the time is now to embrace the process.   Anyone else interested?



August 15, 2013

USFSS Holds Biennial Congress

By Sally OíSullivan Bair

Harrisburg, PA Ė June 29, 2013, saw a skeleton crew assembled for the biennial congress of the USFSS (US Federation of Sleddog Sports). Held in conjunction with ISDRAís (International Sled Dog Racing Association) annual conference, three main items were on the agenda: revision/simplification of the bylaws, the election of the open positions for board directors, and discussion on the feasibility of staging a US championship.

The bylaws were revised to simplify the membership and voting representation. Previously, each category of membership was allotted an aggregate vote number. Now, all that is required for voting is that 20% of those voting be Active Athlete members (those who have entered competition within the last ten years). This 20% representation is a requirement of the USOC (US Olympic Committee). A credentials report will verify the correct percentage.

The bylaw revision also made provisions for voting between congresses and absentee voting. Geographic distances in the US frequently preclude members from attending a congress in person. Therefore, it was deemed prudent to allow for absentee voting, thus making for better representation on important issues and votes.

Although the USFSS Board is tasked with handling all the business between congresses, there may arise occasions where the input of all members on important votes would be desired or required. Therefore, the Congress passed a bylaw to provide for this.

In addition to the bylaw revisions and election of board members, the congress also discussed staging a National Championship (NCh) in 2016. Various ideas were raised, primarily associated with a venue and sponsorships.

Election results are as follows:*

The Active Athletes Council re-elected Amy Cooper of Holmen, Wisconsin, to the board for another four-year term. An eighteen-year veteran of the sport, Cooper has become a name on the limited sprint circuit in Nome (sled) style and Nordic skijoring. She is a bronze medalist in the 2013 IFSS World Championships in Alaska in the 4-dog sprint class and has been active in promoting the dryland aspects of our sport. With a B.A.S. degree in veterinary technology, she works as a research technician at the University of Wisconsin in La Crosse. She is anxious to use her skills in the promotion and development of the sport.

Janet Saxon (Golden, Colorado) was elected to fulfill the position of treasurer for a four-year term. Saxon has been acting treasurer since last summer, having been a board member for the past few years. She has seen action as a member of Team USA at the Norway 2011 IFSS World Championships and has been an active participant in bicycling sports, where she served as a treasurer.

Kale Casey and Sally OíSullivan Bair were elected to the board as at-large members for four-year terms. Casey (Paonia, Colorado) brings a bowlful of enthusiasm and ideas, having been a member of Team USA in the 2013 Alaska IFSS World championships. He was introduced to the sport by a neighbor and experienced a comical rookie skijor year in 2010. Since then he has fine-tuned his team and his Nordic skills and at the 2013 WCh in Alaska entered all five skidog classes, the first American to do so. His ten-year goal includes inspiring or recruiting determined athletes from the ranks of Americaís vastly talented high school and collegiate Nordic skiers. A 1994 graduate of Stanford, Caseyís career as a wildfire incident medical specialist keeps him busy and in harmís way. He provides medical support to firefighters working on the front lines as well as runs medical units for all sizes of fire camps. This summer he has seen busy action in Alaska.

Sally OíSullivan Bair (Monticello, Minnesota) previously served on the board and, as an IFSS (International Federation of Sleddog Sports) certified doping control officer, is currently the chair of the USFSS anti-doping committee. She comes with a wealth of experience not only from a 30-year teaching career at the high school level in the social sciences, literature and learning disabilities but also from her tenure as IFSSís secretary general from 1999-2012. She is a retired limited class sprint racer, where she competed for 20+ years and garnered trophies at the local level. A graduate of Colorado Womanís College of Denver University, she did her graduate work at Bemidji State University in Minnesota in special education. She is currently the editor of the Tugline, the publication of the North Star Sled Dog Club.

USFSS welcomes the new board members and anticipates with excitement a productive upcoming year.

* USFSS has staggered terms for its board members.



June 17, 2013

The United States Federation of Sleddog Sports takes great pleasure in announcing and extending to US racers an invitation to apply for the 2013 Dryland World Championships to be held in Falze di Piave, Italy November 7-10.

This is an awesome opportunity to see the beautiful countryside of Italy while you represent the United States at this prestigious event.  We do expect there to be travel assistance available to US competitors, the amount has not been established. 

Thereís an attached program, class breakdown and USFSS application.   We encourage you to apply even if youíre uncertain youíll be able to make the trip.  The deadline for applications is August 15, 2013.  There will be a 1st round selection of 3 US team members per class by September 1, 2013.

There are always issues to contend with when traveling abroad with dogs.  USFSS will provide all the necessary technical assistance youíll need to understand your and your dogs travel requirements.  We will also find suitable housing for the US team while in Italy.  We will work hard to make your experience as a member of the US team as hassle free as possible, but there will be logistical challenges, so be prepared to deal with the unusual if you decide to apply.

You need to be a current member of USFSS.  Our annual dues cycle runs October 1, thru September 30.  If you are not a current member, your dues will need to be submitted with your application.

World dryland racing is extremely competitive.  The Federations within IFSS, all have excellent teams.  It will be a challenge for our country to get on the podium, but if our best US dryland teams apply, we will be competitive.  Thanks for considering this challenge.






June 28-30,, 2013 in Harrisburg, PA, USFSS will be having their spring meeting/congress in conjunction with ISDRAís annual meeting. More details to follow!



USFSSís Final Team Roster for the 2013 IFSS World Championships




1 Dog Skijor Ė Women                                        

1.      Stephanie Dwyer                            

2.      Rebecca Voris

3.      Rebecca Knight                                

4.      Theresa Heckart

5.      Kriya Dunlap

6.      Jamie Johnson

7.      Sara Elzy

8.      Kelley McGrath


1 Dog Skijor Ė Men

1.      Mike Christman                               

2.      Chuck Pratt

3.      Kale Casey

4.      Greg Jurek

5.      Scott Aimone

6.      Jason Sperry


1 Dog Pulka Ė Women

1.       Kiersten Lippman    


1 Dog Pulka Ė  Men

1.      Scott Aimone                                     

2.      Jason Sperry

3.      Kale Casey 


 2 Dog Skijor Ė Women

1.      Stephanie Dwyer                                 

2.      Christina Turman

3.      Rebecca Knight

4.      Rebecca Voris

5.      Kriya Dunlap

6.      Jamie Johnson

7.      Emillie Entrikin

8.      Kelley McGrath


2 Dog Skijor- Men

1.      Kale Casey

2.      Greg Jurek

3.      Chuck Pratt

4.      Andrew Warwick

5.      Mike Christman

Nordic Combined Ė Women

1.      Rebecca Voris                                         

2.      Sunnifa Deehr

3.      Kristen Lippmann

Nordic Combined - Men

1.      Scott Aimone                                           

2.      Jason Sperry

3.      Kale Casey



4 Dog Junior

1.      Dakota Schlosser                                   

2.      Lilly Stewart


4 Dog Ė RNB  No event


4 Dog Sled - Pursuit

1.      Jay Olmstead Jr

2.      Kourosh Partow                                   

3.      Lilly Stewart 

4.      Jennifer Sterling

5.      Jennifer Probert                                

6.      Amy Maclean

7.      Kathy Faryniarz

8.      Amy Cooper

9.      Jessica Doherty

10.   Grace Baily

11.   Debra Castro 


4 Dog Sled - Mass Start

1.      Jay Olmstead Jr

2.      Lilly Stewert

3.      Jessica Doherty

4.      Grace Bailey

5.      Amy Mclean

6.      Amy Cooper

7.      Kathy Faryniarz

8.      Jennifer Probert

9.      Jennifer Sterling


6 Dog Sled

1.      Ami Gjestson                                        

2.      John Perry

3.      Jessica Doherty

4.      Kimberly Wells

5.      Beverly Stevens

6.      Grace Bailey

7.      Koroush Partow


8 Dog Sled

1.      Jennifer Probert Erhart                         

2.      Evelyn Beeter                                         

3.      Ed Arobio

4.      Kris Rasey

5.      Jason Dunlap

6.      Jennifer Sterling


Unlimited Sled

1.      Arleigh Reynolds                                    

2.      Nathan Sterling                                      

3.      Greg Sellentin

4.      Ken Chezik

5.      Jason Dunlap

6.      Rob Worden

7.      Randy DeKuiper


Mid-distance Sled  8-12 dog - No event

Mid-distance Sled  6-dog - No event




Race Update:

Just announced the Indian River Sprint Race in Indian River, Michigan has been added to the Wild Card race circuit. The race is scheduled for January 26 and 27. For more information go to Weíd like to thank the IRSR committee for providing this awesome opportunity for WCh applicants to qualify out of the Midwest region.


Meet the 2013 US Team
January 11, 2013
Click here




January 5, 2013

The postponement of the Langlade Co. Culverís TB Challenge to February 23-24 due to lack of snow, has provided an opportunity for the Willow Springs Round Barn Sled Dog Rally in Wausau, WI to become the new Wisconsin wild card race event.

The race is scheduled for January 26-27, but if you plan to race for a spot on the US team, you will need to apply by January 7.  Make application through MU&SA at or contact Mike Marsch at




December 31, 2012

I want to remind you there is only 1 week left for application into the Wild Card qualifying round for the IFSS WChís. The deadline for entry is January 7, 2013.

Your MUSA membership and IFSS race application must be received by January 7, 2013.  You must pay your $25.00 MUSA membership dues, but the IFSS event entry fee is not due at this time, but we do need to know what event you hope to qualify for.

The race circuit is throughout January and February 2&3.  However, you must become a MUSA member and submit an application for the event you hope to qualify for by January 7, 2013.

MUSA will let the race organization who is hosting the Wild Card races know who is competing prior to the event.  Also, if you have previously submitted an application but were not selected, you are automatically entered into the Wild Card races.  All you need to do is go race.

Thanks, hope to see you at an event near you.

All the best,

Mike Marsch



USFSS Mission
The mission of USFSS is to promote, support, coordinate, and develop mushing activities in the United States, to promote and encourage the welfare of sled dog and human athletes and to foster appreciation for the traditions and history of the sport. As the national governing body of sled dog sports in the United States, USFSS is further committed to the ideals and guidelines of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC).


USFSS is a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt organization.