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United States Federation of Sleddog Sports (USFSS) Background and Mission Statement

United States Federation of Sleddog Sports (formerly known as Mushing USA, and the United States Sled Dog Sports Federation), traces its roots back to 1988. It was formed then in order to present representation for US mushers to the International Federation of Sleddog Sports (IFSS) and the US Olympic Committee (USOC). In 2001 it was reformed under the name, Mushing USA, and then in 2013, as United States Federation of Sleddog Sports.  It was officially incorporated in 2003 in the state of Alaska and gained non-profit status in 2007.

United States Federation of Sleddog Sports (USFSS) is involved in all dog powered sports. This includes Nome style (practiced with a dog sled), Nordic (skijoring and pulka) and dryland (canicross, scooter, bikejoring), and weight pull. Recreationalists as well as the elite of the sport are equally important. Competitive racers and weekend sled dog campers are all part of USFSS.

USFSS also solicits sponsorships for US National Championships and acts as a clearing house for information and referral. It is the selection body for sending US teams to compete in the World Championships.

The mission of the United States Federation of Sleddog Sports is to promote, support, coordinate, and develop mushing activities in the United States, to promote and encourage the welfare of sled dog and human athletes and to foster appreciation for the traditions and history of the sport. As the national governing body of sled dog sports in the United States, the United States Federation of Sleddog Sports is further committed to the ideals and guidelines of the United States Olympic Committee (USOC).


Your membership and sponsorship dollars are important!

The USFSS is the national governing body of sleddog sports in the USA. As such it is the nationally-recognized representative to the International Federation of Sleddog Sports (IFSS).* USFSS’s annual dues to IFSS of $1,000 helps foster international development and the health and well being of the human athletes and their canine partners.

Your USFSS dues further the goals and mission of USFSS. In particular, membership and sponsorship contributions help organize World Cup races and the USFSS National Championship. They help US athletes attain their dream of being a member of Team USA and participating in the IFSS World Championships.

However, as with most sports, the needs are many and resources few. USFSS is an all-volunteer organization, so every bit of help counts. Unlike most countries, the US government does not contribute any monetary support to USA sports. Therefore, every dollar of membership and sponsorship is important. Each membership and contribution has a direct impact on efforts to provide programs and assist US athletes.

Contributions are also significant for training and certifying officials, i.e., race judges and doping control personnel. Contributions encourage research in the areas of sports medicine and sports safety for both the human and the canine athlete.

Sponsorship and membership are not so much about philanthropy as about branding the ideals of our sport to the athletes and their canine partners. Your membership helps to fund the IFSS and all its programs as well as USFSS national promotion and programming. IFSS membership affords USFSS the opportunity of voice and participation in the national and international world of sport. Of prime importance are the fight against doping and the development of youth programs. Your membership contributions help to foster growth among the elite of the sport as well as newcomers, recreationalists and youth and handicapped persons.

Please join to help our wonderful sport. USFSS is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, so your donation is tax-deductible.


* IFSS is a member of SportAccord, the umbrella international sports organization of both Olympic and non-Olympic sports.


Your Membership

The Membership is annual, and it begins on October 1st and ends September 30th each year.

There are many levels of membership --- however, please note that Non-USA citizens, Juniors and Associate Organizations are not eligible to vote.

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